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PIZZA DA DHABA name itself suggest that here we serve Western food with Indian ATTITUDE. Western culture has seeped into the Indian society, and this is evident in the clothes that people wear, the food they consume and the lifestyles they lead. And one of the foods that Indians have become a fan of is the pizza. According to our new research report, the demand for various fast food items is consistently rising in India. The most delectable of them all is Pizza, which has now emerged as one of the most favourite fastfood items of the Indians especially the young generation. At Pizza Da Dhaba we have innovated the Concept of Serving Pizza in a Indian Way with Traditional Indian Toppings which will be like able not only by the Younger Generation but by People of all age Groups. We can say this as PIZZA- The Indian Way. All the Dishes that will be served in the Pizza Da Dhaba Outlets are Unique in their Taste. Years of Efforts have gone into the research of these recipies weather be The Indian Style Pizza or The Indian Style Pastas or Noodles etc. Our Each Dish has a Unique Mouth Watering Flavour which the Food Lover can get only at Pizza Da Dhaba Outlets.

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