Challenges To Open & Operate A Restaurant / Food Outlet

The challenge to open & operate a Delivery or a Full Fledged Food Outlet is tremendous, The biggest being total dependency on skilled labor& high cost incurred in opening & operating a Restaurant, we have seen many Restaurants been closed down even if they try to serve quality food due to the lack of availability of skilled labor or high charges of these skilled labors. To Operate a Food Outlet the Owner has to take care of many things at the same time Like:-

  • Purchase of Raw Materials.
  • Purchase of Vegetables & Dairy Products on daily basis.
  • Arrangements of Chefs, Commi Chef’s.
  • Total Dependency on Skilled Labor.
  • High Monetary Involvement.
  • High Cost Incurred To Maintain The Hygiene Of Food.
  • Wastage Of Food.

We at “PIZZA DA DHABA” have overcome all these major hurdles.

We have developed huge variety of Pure Vegetarian Range of Indian Pizza’s, Noodels, Desserts, and much more, all you need to do is just follow the instructions & your food is ready to be delivered or served within few minutes The taste of the food is unique & standardized which is likable to every class of people.


  • Excellent Margin On Sales.
  • Easy & Standardized Operating Procedure To Be Followed.
  • No Dependency On Skilled Labor.
  • Product Menu For All Season Sales.
  • Initial Training To The Franchisee.
  • Options For Take Away, Delivery Or Dine In Restaurant.
  • Proven & Tested Delicious Range Around The Year.
  • Continuous Introduction Of New Products.
  • No wastages

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